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These two motion graphics are designed to advertise for two different holidays/ events using peanut butter.

Hello, I am currently a third-year graphic design student studying in Calgary at
Alberta University of the Arts (formerly known as Alberta Collage of Art and Design). My experience includes advertising, brand design, logo, packaging, and web design.
I am always passionate and eager to learn and take on new projects. My drive to continually create new and original work is reflective in my work and personal goals. 


  • Give full consideration and critical analysis to ideas before making a decision and giving feedback. 

  • Listen and give others room to speak. 

  • Communication is the heart of success — be honest, do not sugar coat, tell me what you think and how you feel, straight up. 

  • Be genuine, be yourself, do not be someone you are not. 

  • Collaboration and leadership is where I thrive — learning through myself and others allows me to share and advance myself and my work, as well as learn, and grow personally and professionally. 

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