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        This French-influenced cookbook inspires others to cook using goat cheese. The psycho-graphics are people who are interested and willing to explore cultural and exotic ingredients, high class, fancy, gourmet, artisan and craft. More specifically, chefs, foodies, and health enthusiasts. Consumers who prioritize animal welfare prefer goat cheese because producers raise their own goats and treat them humanly. Also, those who are willing to spend to eat well and live better, as goat cheese has less fat and high protein. 


        The design goals of this cookbook are to create a modern goat cheese cookbook that entices the everyday and high class viewers to experience the rich flavours that goat cheese presents. Apply typographic knowledge to ensure a high level of type hygiene and quality. Use imagery and typography to illustrate the mood and flavours that the French cheese has to offer. Have the aesthetic of the pages transport the reader into the life of French cuisine. Use hierarchy to allow the reader to easily follow the steps of the recipes.


        To achieve these goals I created a well refined cookbook. The French monochromatic colour scheme showcases a sophisticated appeal. The use of minimal imagery and graphics shows a simple design. The easy to follow and read invites the viewer in to read. The design layout is successful through the use of white space, grid system, hierarchy, and continuous design elements. These designs create a classic French cookbook. 


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